A Fool For Fabric

By: Vanessa Ford Apr 24, 2014 Style Nadia Aboulhosn is a wonderful half-Lebanese style blogger with enviable curves and style fearlessness. Your trip begins the moment you stroll out the door, and the vast choice of trendy travel clothes from Old Navy will deliver continuous comfort although you happen to be en route. I’ve located that typical low maintenance clothes works for domestic and city travel but specialty clothing is nevertheless the best choice for ultra light travel. A lot of travel” clothes also operate in day-to-day life if they are of great reduce and colour. Ways I’ve worked about it yoga clothes (Lucy & Prana) and climbing clothing (Gramicci).

I carry what I contact a capsule core of travel clothing (much more on that in a later post) and add in other cute pieces. You missed out although on my favorite travel style genre-the travel shoe- no worries I already wrote an complete post on this- Travel Shoe Myths Debunked- as a preview, my favourite fugly look is the shoe/sneaker hybrid- with cutouts. Icebreaker’s travel clothes for females let you to travel in style and comfort.

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