Are plates ceramic?

It looks thick, heavy and rustic. It looks and feels thick, heavy and rustic, but it's not as durable and tough as other types of tableware and is prone to breakage. Tableware with hand-painted designs is usually made of clay. Ceramic tableware is a broad category that includes earthenware, stoneware and porcelain.

Porcelain is a special type of ceramic fired at a very high temperature, which has excellent strength, durability and translucent quality. Ceramic tableware is more suitable for informal and everyday settings, while porcelain tableware is ideal for a formal dinner. Porcelain tableware, on the other hand, is a tableware made of fine-particle clay, usually kaolin, that is fired at a higher temperature. In addition to flat plates, the collection includes cereal bowls and cups, each piece thick but elegant, making them as ideal for everyday use as they are for elegant dinners.

The plates and bowls are made from local clay in England, using factories experienced in creating products for commercial use. Fortunately, tableware has come a long way, with many major direct-to-consumer brands making it easy to invest in a sturdy set of matching ceramic plates, bowls and cups that will make you feel elegant (and will last for many years). Then, you look at your tableware selection and realize that not only are there not enough plates to serve your guests, but the plates you have are chipped and don't match. The charming uneven edges and the solid matte surface give the otherwise pragmatic plates and bowls a calm and dignified look.

The plates and bowls are not only suitable for microwaves and dishwashers, but they can also withstand oven temperatures of up to 480 degrees. The plates have a small rim so that the cod with corn and spices does not overflow, and the bowls are cylindrical and stackable. They are made of sustainable porcelain ceramic with a hand-painted speckled surface and a border so that the vegetable stir fry doesn't fall off the plate when you leave it. The final result? It's time to get rid of those disposable plates and improve your table for your next evening.

You can buy it alone or save 10% and keep the entire Shallow 5-piece dinner set, which also includes a breakfast bowl, a flat plate, a side dish and a cake plate.

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