Four Things to Know Before Taking Your Family on a Rafting Trip

If you and your family enjoy outdoor adventure, there is no time like the present to prepare for your first family rafting trip. Since these trips can be fun for everyone who enjoys getting out on the water, this may be just what the family needs to get away from it all. So, for those of you who are interested in learning how to make sure that you are prepared, here are 4 essential tips that you should follow.

Tip #1 – Make Preparations in Advance

Taking these trips with the family can be loads of fun. This is only true, however, when you have prepared well in advance. Just like any other event or celebration away from home, there are specific things that you will need before you head out on the water. In fact, here are some of the basics things that you should take with you.

Change of Clothing
Waterproof Cameras
Bottled Water

All of which are essential for making sure that you will have everything that you need. Especially, if you want to have smooth family rafting trips with every member of your family that travels along with you.

Tip #2 – Pick the Best Location for Your Family

Preparing what you will carry with you on your family trip is not the only important thing that you will do before you head out on the water, it is also essential to choose the right location too. Because the location can make a significant difference in what you can do with your family, you need to know what that specific location offers in accommodations. For instance, some rafting locations offer more than one type of rafting so you need to choose the best fit. Additionally, in some cases, the family may want to take advantage of an area that has whitewater rafting, while others may provide a scenic view that no one will ever forget. In either case, you should pick and choose the one that you can get the best out of your trip.

Tip #3 – Take Safety Precautions and Preparations Seriously

Though you and your family may like these kinds of adventurous activities, there are some important things that you must keep in mind to keep everyone safe. Therefore, you need to remember that safety is not only taught while on the water but well in advance of getting involved in the action. Therefore, you may want to schedule time with the family to ensure the proper safety training is done.

Tip #4 – Understand the Differences Between Calm Waters and Big Waves

The experience of each member can vary greatly so some members may be accustomed to the big wave rafting waters. To avoid problems that keep everyone from having a safe trip, these differences must be factored into the activities chosen. For instance, the smaller kids should be kept in calm waters to eliminate high risks problems that can occur.


Planning a rafting trip for the entire family is a great idea for those who like spending time on the water. However, before heading out, there are some essential things that must be factored into having a fun and safe trip. Some of which includes understanding the difference between high waves and calm waters, taking safety precautions seriously and carrying essential items with you to accommodate the entire family.


Need Something To Scream Your Love For Traveling? Get This Scratch Map

Do you often find yourself wondering if there is a way of displaying your craze for wanderlust without overflowing your houses with tacky souvenirs and thousands of pictures? Have you already set your mind on getting a scratch off world map for this purpose but find that the normal ones are just too small for your taste? Then you have come to the right place because we have just the perfect thing for you.

Need Something To Scream Your Love For Traveling? Get This Scratch Map

Get Rid of Cheap Magnets & Display Your Love With Scratch Map XL: Luckies of London realized in 2009 that it was about time that the humble travel maps underwent a change and thus they shocked the world with the introduction of scratch maps. The idea is simple; you keep track of your escapades around the globe and show it off to your friends by uncovering the places you have travelled to by scratching the top foil off the map. This not only helps in keeping your memories alive but also creates a unique personalized map of the world. With Scratch Map XL, they have taken the original scratch map and given it an XL treatment. Same old awesomeness, just on a larger scale (84 x 119 cm to be precise).

  • Simple Is Always The Winner: This large map of the world has a gold foil covering the countries and the background is a simple and classy white gloss. Once you are over admiring the simplicity of the map, you can scratch off the foil to unveil vivid shades of orange, red, yellow, green, blue and purple.
  • More Details To Uncover: A larger map of the world means more clarity and more fun things to uncover. This scratch off maps includes:
    • All the major cities along with the capitals and doesn’t forget the state lines for USA, Australia and Canada.
    • To make things even more interesting, you have teeny tiny islands as well so that no matter where you go in the world, you can always boast about it to your friends later on.
  • Own Gift Tube: Scratch Map XL comes in a beautiful and strong gift tube in pale yellow colour to protect the greatness of the map. Wondering how to hang it? The large map of the world will easily fit in a A0 size frame and make your travel passion the centre point of your house.


Summary: Make your zeal and passion for travel take the centre stage in your house with the large map of the world aka Scratch Map XL.

Author Bio: Davis Crofford is a palaeontologist who travels to far off locations in hopes of discovering something new.

Key Benefits of the Evolving Transport Industry

Key Benefits of the Evolving Transport Industry

Taxis and cabs were invented to facilitate people with regards to easy travel. This service, as opposed to train services, ensured privacy and quick transportation of passengers. Initially, taxis catered to the working class people who had limited options of getting by. The industry was preceded by horse and buggy rides, which were the mainstream transport options in Paris around 1600s. This idea also found its way into the US. Ever since, the taxi industry has undergone continuous evolution to the point where we have something called ‘ridesharing’ application today.

Today, taxis are still used throughout metropolitan areas across the country. To accommodate different social classes, taxis have been long been integrated into our culture. The yellow cab is a major landmark that is associated with New York City. But with ridesharing trends, Uber has emerged to revolutionize the industry. The manner of booking Uber is non-traditional and way more convenient than hailing taxis by ensuring you’re in clear sight of the oncoming traffic.

With the growing population and tourist activity in metropolitan cities, car owners are seeing greater opportunities to loan automobiles to potential Uber captains. This development has opened up ways for those who cannot afford vehicles compliant with Uber’s standards and policies to register with Uber.

Uber launched itself in San Francisco, California in 2009. The company was founded as a transportation network company that recruited licensed taxi drivers for the ridesharing application. From that point forward the progression to recruiting non-taxi drivers came naturally for the sake of expansion. The Uber company integrates a mobile application to enable users to hire drivers and vehicles and provide categories to choose from. For example, if passengers are looking for a luxurious experience, they can find luxury vehicle options such as Escalades, BMW, Mercedes Benz etc. The mobile app also allows passengers to track their vehicles by being able to follow their drivers’ navigation. This way they’re visually kept up to date with their driver’s estimated arrival time.

Benefits for Customers

Uber declares itself a problem solver for potential passengers as it is relatively cheaper than cabs. With a network consisting of millions of people, Uber has de-monopolized the taxi industry and has allowed for people to book Uber from the comfort of their home. The company seeks to evolve in a more passenger oriented way by continuing to incorporate friendly features. Uber has gained global prominence, in which it is operating effectively in third world countries as well. It has opened up an avenue that is compatible with modern technology and way of life. With digitized registration and booking, consumers are able to relate to the aspect of convenience and promptness.

Benefits for Uber Drivers

Uber doesn’t only benefit its customers but also its drivers. The drivers have been given the economic freedom to work on their own schedule and earn to their satisfaction. This is one of the most enticing benefits of working for Uber. The company has created millions of jobs both locally and internationally.

To get started you need to register with Uber and be issued a license. You can explore through the company’s requirements to see if you qualify. Uber doesn’t employ a stringent criteria so much so as to restrict entry of potential employees but it takes into account a person’s track record to ensure safety of its passengers. To learn more about Uber and its upcoming announcements, visit


Tips for Travellers with Pets in Lonavala

For some of us animal-lovers with pets at home, planning a vacation also means thinking about how to make them travel with us. When you cannot bear to be parted from your animal-friend, you take him along with you on your holiday. Depending upon what pet you have – a talkative parrot in a designer cage or your wise-as-a-sage goldfish in a glass bowl, a self-obsessed feline diva or your eager-to-please unreserved Labrador – you prepare differently for the trip. So book hotels in Lonavala and plan your stay with your pet with these quick tips.

Hasil gambar untuk Tips for Travellers with Pets in Lonavala

  1. The Crate Investment – Get a well-ventilated crate. There are plenty of options available in the market. With hard plastic bodies and soft-sided interiors, your cat or dog will travel in comfort. Make sure it is a big sized one for your four-legged friend to sit, lie, roll. If you are travelling by car, you need to figure out how to place and secure the crate on the seats from beforehand. The air-conditioning in the car will help keep the journey comfortable – for you and your furry friend.

Crate It – Buy a big, well-ventilated crate to ensure a comfortable journey for your pet.

  1. Prepare your Pet – A mid-journey meltdown is the last thing you want to deal with. Prepare your pet for the impending trip by placing him in his crate and taking him out for short trips. Slowly lengthen the duration of each outing so that he gets used to the idea of being inside his crate for long stretches of time. This will familiarise him with the experience and he will know what to expect.

Practise Short Trips – Take short trips before your journey to familiarise your pet with his crate.

  1. The Feeding Schedule – No matter what time of day you set out, feed your pet at least two to three hours before departure. If humans can feel nauseous on full-stomachs on road trips, so can animals. Besides, being confined in the crate really does not help matters here. If your bird is travelling with you, clear out the food-tray in the cage long before you embark on the journey. The feeding schedule may have to suffer a few disruptions during the trip but it is better to eat early than feel road-sick.

Feed Ahead – Feed ahead of time to avoid road-sickness.

  1. Travelling Kits for Pets – When packing a travelling kit for your pet, pack whatever you know will come handy. From medicines to meals, food bowls to leashes, waste scoops to garbage bags, toys to grooming brushes – these are a few of the things you might need on the trip. Do not over pack of course. Take your dog’s favourite toy, not all his toys!

Just What You Need – Carry what you will need in the travel-kit, nothing extra.

  1. Identity Document and Vaccination Record – It is always a good idea to carry your pet’s vaccination records to meet unforeseen situations. Your pet could also carry a microchip or wear a collar with all contact details clearly stated on them. From your phone number to the phone number of the hotel in Lonavala where you plan to put up – write it on the collar.

Name of the Owner – Tag your pet with your name, phone number and address in case he gets lost at a new place.

  1. Drinking Water On-The-Go – Buy bottled drinking water for your pet. It is always better to be safe than sorry. You never know what might give him an upset stomach and having a sick pet to deal with on your vacation is a total buzzkill. So buy those sealed drinking water bottles for your beloved four-legged friend and breathe in peace.

Drink Clean – Opt for bottled drinking water for the journey, it is the safest bet.

  1. At Your Lonavala Hotel – If you are travelling with your goldfish, you have nothing to fret over. However, if it is your demonstrative dog you are vacationing with, you have to make sure he is trained. For the convenience of other guests at the hotel and to make sure that he does not get in anyone’s way, your dog must know how to rein-in his exuberance.

Train your Dog – That he responds to command is vital. Train him for public appearances.

The hotels in Lonavala greet guests and their animal-friends for pleasant stays and happy vacations. Apply these tips and you are good to go.