Parks Victoria

Giving you with typical updates on Anaerobic Waste, Shepway Housing, Lorry Parks and Wind farms affecting our village and community. Country music singer and acclaimed visual artist Terry Allen came up with the idea just after going to the city and studying that the Scioto River takes its name from the Shawnee Indian word for hairy water.” According to nearby legend, when the Shawnee initially migrated to Scioto River valley from the Carolinas, they found deer hair floating in the river.

Situated in downtown Discovery District, the Topiary Garden Park sits on the remnants of the Old Deaf College Park. Following an in depth renovation in 2015 as component of the bigger Scioto Greenways project, the park now capabilities expanded multi-goal trails and river access for compact, hand-powered watercraft. Audubon Park contains athletic fields, a basketball court, picnicking areas, a playground and a non-reservable shelterhouse. Throughout the winter months visitors come to the park to view the snow-capped trees, and to warm up inside the lush environments of the conservatory. Antrim Park was acquired in 1970 as a gift from the Antrim loved ones and dedicated to John C. Antrim.

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