What is definition of tableware?

Noun: plates, utensils and glassware used to serve and eat meals at a table.


is the crockery or crockery used to set a table, serve food and eat. Tableware can be designed to include cutlery and glassware. The nature, variety and quantity of objects vary from culture to culture, religion and cuisine.

In the United States, tableware is more commonly known as tableware. The tableware may be intended to include glassware, but not cutlery. In Great Britain, the term tableware is sometimes used for ceramic plates. In the United States, ceramic tableware may be referred to as porcelain.

Plate sets are often referred to as a table service or service set. Table or table settings are the plates, cutlery and glassware that a person uses for a formal and informal dinner. In Ireland, these items are commonly referred to as delph, with the term porcelain often used for a higher cost product, such as porcelain tableware produced by Belleek Pottery. The word delph is a phonetic English spelling of the word delft, which is named after the city where so much delftware comes from.

In the United Kingdom, silver service or butler service are names of methods for serving a meal.

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